Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Walk - Learning Something New

Special Moments In Time Creativity Coaching Tip - People often wonder what creativity coaching actually is. Today I would like to share how I am using some of my Kaizen-Muse Coaching strategies and tools to help me as I learn about marketing.  The wonderful thing is that these strategies and tools can be used in every aspect of your life. 

In life we are always learning something new.  Sometimes it is by choice other times it is because of necessity.  I have been emerging myself in something I know I have to learn more about.  I am learning all about the world of marketing.  This is a really uncomfortable area for me but if my business is to grow I need to know how to better share what I do with others  I have been talking to people, researching, reading, and taking tiny steps. I have been applying many of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching principles to my current project of learning more about how to let the world know about Special Moments In Time Creativity Coaching.  I have been:

Taking Small Steps -  Right now I am reading about marketing. It is a totally new area for me so I just read a little at a time and give myself the time and space necessary to absorb all that I am learning.

Paying Attention - As I begin to market, I am paying attention to what is working and not working.

Thinking Out of the Box - When something doesn't work, I think out of the box.  I ask myself questions about how I could do this differently.

Having Fun -  Marketing can be difficult but I am determined to have fun doing it.

Giving Myself Permission to Make Mistakes - Although I don't want to make mistakes, I know if I am doing  something new I am going to make mistakes. I am giving myself permission to be imperfect and to mess up from time to time.

"Just Do It"  -  There are times when hitting the post or send button makes me nervous.  I remind myself there are times in life when I Just Have To Do It and see what happens.

Take a Break - Because I am doing what I love I often forget to take a break.  Taking time to do something other than coaching is important and I remind myself often to take a break.  And then I actually take it.

Compassion - It is important to show yourself the same type of compassion that you show to the rest of the world.

Self-Care -  Part of self care is acknowledging what you have accomplished and celebrating the small victories along the way to reaching your goal.  Each day I take a moment to celebrate the things that I have accomplished. 

Surrounding Myself with Positive Supportive People - We all need to surround ourselves with supportive people. It makes trying something new easier and a lot more fun.  I do this in lots of different ways.  It might be coffee with a friend, a conversation with my husband, meeting people through my blog, or taking an art, yoga or writing class.

How many of these things are you already doing ?  Is there one area that you do really well and another that you need to work on?  I would love to know which of the steps above speaks to you today.

Circle of Dreams begins on September 16th.  It is 8 weeks filled with sharing, planning, action steps, and celebrations.  The group is limited to 8 women and will be held through a free teleconference.  You can learn more about Circle of Dreams here.  I would love to have you join us.

When you share your dreams and talent with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!

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