Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude

This is a week of celebrations for me.  In August I began my journey to become a Kaizen-Muse Coach.  On Wednesday I finished that journey.  It was an exciting last classed filled with fun and hope and dreams for the future.  Then I received an email that an article I wrote for Creative Dream Journals had been posted, and this morning I was quoted on in another piece.  I believe in synchroncity and for all of this to happen on the same day reinforces that I am on the right path.  Once again I have to thank all of the people that have sent me encouraging comments and notes along the way.  It is important to have people who support and encourage you to follow your dreams.  I have come to realize that some of my best supporters are people I have never met but I really hope to some day.  So once again thank you!
One of the things I love to do is to share what I have learned and today I just want to encourage you to follow your dreams in whatever way you can at the moment.  Each small step that is celebrated along the way creates a journey filled with excitement and happiness. There was a time when I would have been thrilled with the accomplishments I mentioned above but I probably would not have shared them with others or celebrated them.  Now, I realize I was cheating myself and maybe someone else as well.  There is room for all of us to shine. Let your light shine brightly this holiday season.  For when you shine your light, it encourages others to shine theirs as well!

“You don't need diamonds to make your light get brighter and brighter. It comes from knowing who you are, what you love to do, and sharing your dreams and yourself with the world. Then it is easy to sparkle."
                                                                           Ginny Lennox, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude

It's Thanksgiving night and we have had a wonderful day.  We were lucky enough to spend the day with my son and his family.  As I get older it seems like each day is a little longer (I am grateful for that) but the years seem to fly by.  I don't quite understand it but I accept that is the way life is, at least for me.  I treasure each day and each holiday that I get to spend with my family and friends.

For the past several years I have chosen a word for the year.  It's been fun and it has helped me to focus on what I wanted to accomplish.  This year I chose the word trust.  It has proven to be a great word.  When you like to control things its not easy to always trust that things will turn out as they should.  But, as I have learned to let go this year, I have also learned that a little trust will go a long way.  So this week, as I begin to reflect upon the past year and all that I have accomplished, I am also beginning to think about which word I will choose to guide me through 2013.  As I think about all of the words that I have to choose from, I am going to give myself time to settle in on the perfect one.  I have learned to trust that I don't have to always have the answer to a question right away.  If I give myself time and space, the answer will come to me.  So in continuing my Friday gratitude practice, the thing that I am most grateful for is that this year I chose the word trust as my word for the year.  It helped me to open doors that I didn't even know were closed.  Won't you join me in thinking about a word that you would like to use to guide you through 2013?   It's really fun and it can be exciting to find out where just one little word can take you. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday's Walk - One Step Closer

As I write this I am so excited for all of the steps that I have taken to become a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.  My journey started in August and my last official class was today.  Next week, we will go on a celebration cruise.  No, not a real cruise but if it is anything like the other calls I have been on I know it will be lots of fun.  Then I'll have my final exam, and hopefully will be certified by the end of December.  Each step of this journey has been different.  First I was in awe of all that there was to learn.   Then I couldn't wait to share with others all the incredible strategies that are now in my toolbox to overcome procrastination or perfectionism or just plan overwhelm.  I have a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve.  Becoming a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach is definitely one thing I am very grateful for this year.   

If you have any questions about exactly what a creativity coach does, I would love to answer them. Don't forget taking just one small step towards something that you have always wanted to do can lead you on an incredible journey.  Why not start today?
                         When you share your dreams with the world, magic happens!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Quote and Reflection


                                         "Live out of your imagination, not your history."  Stephen Covey

As I walked along this beach several weekends ago, I was imagining all types of different scenarios.  Althought I love to live in the present moment, sometimes that moment is spent in planning, or dreaming, or just thinking.  This walk was meant for just that.  Dreaming and planning.  As I get closer and closer to becoming a certified creativity coach, I dream about the people I will work with.  I think about how much fun it will be share what I have learned through my Kaizen-Muse training.  I think about the workshops I want to give and the people I hope to meet.

 One of the most important things we can do as a creative person is to believe in ourself and our dreams.  It is important to know what we truly love to do and than to find a way to do just that.  There are so many ways that we can express ourselves.  Living a purposely creative life is a goal for many.  Sharing our gifts and talents with others is a goal for others.  Taking minutes, hours, days, or weeks or a lifetime to paint, write, act, sing, dance, or take pictures is a dream come true for some.  We are all different.  We are all unique.  We all want different things.  And just as there are many different hopes and dreams, there are many paths in life that take us where we want to go.  My walk along the beach several weeks ago was an hour spent on a path that I believe will lead me to a special place.  I am anxious to continue on this journey and to have others join me.  That is why I chose this picture to be part of Kat Sloma's Photo- Heart Connection this month. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Art Every Day Month

This is the second year that I am participating in Art Every Day.  Last year I met many wonderful artists that I have kept in touch with throughout the year.  This year I hope to do the same.  The vision board that I created several days ago is very simple and has lots of blank space but I think that is the way it is supposed to be.  It is on the wall behind my desk to remind me of some of things I hope to do when I begin working with clients as a creativity coach.  But this morning, I realized it is also exactly what I would like to do this month as I participate in Art Every Day. 

It is fun to continually explore our creativity.  I look at each day as an opportunity to discover more about myself and what I love to do. The more I can identify the things that I am passionate about the easier it is to pursue my dreams.  We all grow and change and as we do our dreams, goals, and opportunities change as well.  I am going to use this month to learn more about who I am as a creative person.  Creativity comes in all shapes and forms.  It can be as simple and structured as my vision board.  Or it can be as elaborate and complicated as you want to make it.  You can express your creativity in the way you cook, the clothes you wear, or the house you live in.  The words you use, the pictures you draw, or the way you photograph people can all tell the world what is important to you. 

It's is important to honor our creativity.  The more we use it, the more there is to use. The more we notice the creativity that is all around us, the more there is to notice. This month I hope to intentionally create something each and every day.  It will be fun to see where this part of my journey takes me.