Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let the Learning Begin

"Life's challenge's are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are." 
                                                                                                        Bernice Johnson Reagon, Musician

I like to begin the week with a quote that will inspire me in one way or another.  Although I think the quote above applies to what I am about to undertake, it could also apply to much serious challenges.  We have all been through them and when I look back I realize that I have learned alot about myself even if it is in hindsight.

I am about to embark on a technological challenge.  My computer is about to go so I am looking at buying a new one.  I am not easily overwhelmed but I was Friday night as the teenage salesman (who told us he built his first computer at six years old) quickly took me through all of the good and bad parts of each computer.  Then he told me that in October there would be changes and/or updates on everything I had just learned.  Some of the changes would make things easier; some a little more confusing.  So I decided to do what I was going to do anyway, go home and think about it. 

I realize for me it is easy to think "I can't do that" when it comes to anything technological. But I have also learned that "I can do that" if I slow down and take it one step at a time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this computer will last a few weeks longer and that by the time I get a new one I will have already begun to feel a little more comfortable with the adventure that I am about to begin. 

We all are different so you may not be overwhelmed by computers but for you it may be something else.  The Kaizen-Muse Creativity strategy of taking small steps to get past the feeling of being overwhelmed truly works.  So I am going to be small stepping it all the way back to the computer store soon.  Wish me luck!

 Have a great week and remember:

  When you share your dreams and talents with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Good To Be Back

                 "What day is it?" "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day," said Pooh.

It is good to go away and it is always good to be back home.  Last week I had a wonderful time at the Jersey shore visiting my sister and her family.  Sometimes on vacation everything seems to go right and this was one of those times. We saw a play in New York, sat on a very windy beach, walked the boardwalks, visited a beautiful sculputure garden, and saw high school football and middle school softball games.  Time went quickly and before I knew it I was boarding a plane for home.

This week its been hard getting back into a normal routine but I am slowly easing my way back.  I wrote a little and played with my pastels.  The garden we visited was filled with sculptures of artists and victorian ladies and gentlemen.  It was like being in a different time and a different world.  And that is what painting can do for me.  It can transport me to another time and another place. I realized last week that I missed painting and so I am determined to paint more. 

This week I am very grateful for a wonderful vacation.  It has been awhile since I have been able to go away which is why I am sure that I enjoyed every single minute and did not take anything for granted.  Learning to live in and appreciate the moment is not always easy but it definitely is worth the effort.

Remember:  When you share your talent and your dreams with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin

Sunday, September 15, 2013



                               "Believe there are no limits but the sky"  Cervantes

As I begin my new venture into art journaling I realize that my Kelly Rae Roberts journal is filled with quotes about dreaming. The paper I have on my desk is a reminder to dream and a sign in my dining room reminds me every time I walk through to dream.  I do believe in the power of  dreaming and of dreaming big.  I believe that we can accomplish anything if we can dream it, visualize it, and then put in the time and the work to make it happen.  I am working with friends to create a workshop called Unleashing Your Creativity.  It is taking time, lots of time, to get the word out but we are hoping to bring together people who have a dream and want to unleash their creativity.  It's a dream of mine to bring people together  who love to draw or write or sing or create in whatever way their heart speaks to them. I realize that most of you are not in Woodstock Georgia but I would love to have your visit our website  It would be so great to see this dream become a reality and I know that with the help of my friends around the world it can. 

Have a wonderful week, dream big, and always remember:

 When you share your talent and your dreams with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do You Believe In Magic?

WIP Pastels on Pastelboard
Do I believe in magic?  Maybe.  I want to.  Whenever I look at the sky at night with all of the stars twinkling, it seems magical. When I am painting a picture and I plan on spending just a few minutes to get started and before I know it the afternoon is gone - it seems like magic!  I love the feeling of being so totally immersed in something that I don't hear the dogs barking, the phone ringing, or the television calling my name. It is as though someone has cast a magical spell over me and for a few hours nothing exists except my painting.  So I am going to have to change my answer. Yes, I do believe in magic!  It's wonderful, it's powerful, and it does exist every time I begin to create something new.  How about you?  Do you believe in magic?

It's Friday time to share what I am grateful for this week.  There are so many things to be grateful for this week but especially my husband's continuing good health. His experience reminds us every day that you can never take anything for granted and that you should never stop believing that things can improve. We just read the other day that they may have found something that could reverse his rare lung condition.  It didn't say when or exactly how but there is a chance which is incredible since just a few years ago many doctors did not even know the disease existed.  So I guess this is another good reason to believe in magic with a big dose of miracles and persistance and knowledge mixed in.

  When you share your gifts and talents with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday's Quote and Reflection

"When I say artist I mean the one who is building things...some with a brush - some with a shovel - some choose a pen."
                                                                                                                                          Jackson Pollock

When I meet people for the first time they often ask me what I do.  When I say creativity coach they do not completely understand what that means which then leads to a discussion about creativity which then leads to them saying," Oh well, I am not creative like my sister or best friend, etc."   This leads to an interesting conversation about all of the things they experience and do each day that are creative.  Sometimes I can see a glimmer of excitement in their eyes as they leave with a new found understanding that they too are creative and other times I see that the belief that they are not creative goes deep and will take awhile to change.

I have always wanted people to understand how creative they are.  I believe when we see ourselves as creative it opens up a whole new world that is just waiting to be explored.  We are more willing to try new things, to ask ourselves "what if?" and then take the step to see what will happen if we paint the room purple rather than white, move the furniture in a way that the decorators would laugh at, or plant the flowers that everyone said would never grow.  Each time we try something new and it works, our confidence grows.  Each time we try something new and we fail, we learn something.  We can't lose because we are always going to learn and grow.

Today's quote has inspired me to remember that I am an artist because I build things.  I have built a home filled with love, friendships that have lasted a lifetime, a career that is constantly changing, and a marriage that has lasted 46 years and is still going.  I am beginning to build confidence in my art and my writing.  It is often hard to share our accomplishments but it is very important to remember who we are and what we have done.  Take a minute today to remember what you have built!
When you share your talents and dreams with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 Ps and a S

Each Friday I share what I am grateful for.  Today I am grateful for some thoughts I had the other night while sleeping.  It helped clarify some important concepts for me and clarity is always something to be grateful for.

The other morning I woke up with the words passion, positivity, and persistance on my mind.  I quickly wrote them down determined to figure out what I had been thinking about as I slept.  At breakfast I told my husband that I must have been thinking about what I believe you must have to be successful in any project.   With this in mind, I decided to add two more P words practice and patience as well as S for support to my recipe for success.  When I look at the things that I have accomplished in my life they all have these attributes as part of the recipe.  They may be there in different amounts or at different times but they have all been there.  I have had to have passion to start and to keep me going.  I've been persistent and didn't take no for an answer. I've practiced and then practiced some more. I've remembered to be positive even when I felt down. I have always tried to be patient (not easy) and wait for things to turn out as the should. And none of the above would have been possible without the support of others.  When I learned to ski at 50 they were there, when I decided to lose a large amount of weight they were there, when I started painting or began a second career they were there, and now that I am slowly, very slowly, learning to drive a motorcycle they are definitely there. 

When I get discouraged, as we all do from time to time, I am going to see which P or S is missing that day. As I begin to work on a new subject to paint, or class to teach, I am going to be sure that the 5 Ps and a S are there to keep me going.  When I look at the painting above I know that for me the ingredients for creating something that I like have all been a part of the experience. I know it will be helpful to have the words Passion, Persistence, Practice, Positivity, Patience, and Support as guides whenever I am working on something new and/or challenging.  How about you?  Would the 5 Ps and a S help you reach your goal?  Would they help you to evaluate what might be missing in the project you are working on? Feel free to use them or share what your guideposts might be. 

As a creativity coach I am always trying to find ways to help clients evaluate where they are with their own projects and dreams.  It is one of my passions.  Are you ready to start something new?  Let's talk and make sure that you have all of your Ps and the very important  S in place ready to go. You can contact me here.  I'd love to talk to you.

   Remember  When you share your dreams and talents with the world, magic happens Let the magic begin!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday's Quote and Inspiration

"You may not be a Picasso or a Mozart but you don't have to be to create.  Just create to create.  Create to remind yourself that you are alive. Make something to inspire others to make something too.  Create to learn more about yourself."   Frederick Terral

Each Sunday I post a quote that I hope will inspire me and others throughout the week to live a life filled with creativity.  This quote was perfect for me to read today.  It was as if it was written just for me. I have been thinking a lot about my blog and why I write.  Before reading the above quote I had come to the conclusion that I blog to connect with others. I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about their creative lives. I love going on studio tours, seeing what is on an artist or writer's desk, and seeing their work.  I learn so much from the tutorials that are shared, the words that are written, and the paintings that are created.

But I realize that I blog for another reason as well. I would love to inspire others to continue creating just as they have been an inspiration for me.  I've learned so much from the encouragement and support that bloggers have offered me and I want to pass that kindness on.  So when I read, "You don't have to be a Picasso or a Mozart to create." it was as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder this morning.  I tend to get into my head a little too much and worry about whether what I share is good enough.  But maybe the fact that I am willing to share what I have created will inspire others to continue to do the same. As Einstein said, "Creativity is contagious.  Pass it on."   I hope you will continue to pass on all of the wonderful things that you have created each week.  It makes the world a much more beautiful place for all of us.

   When you share your dreams and talents with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!