Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday's Quote and Reflection


                                      Each day pick one amazing thing to do.  Leo Babuta

When I read this I was struck by how often we run from thing to thing looking for something amazing and wonderful in all of them.  What if each day we stopped and consciously picked one amazing thing to do, then did it, and then most importantly took time to savor and appreciate the experience?  Would this change how we saw and appreciated our lives?

  Today as we drove home we deliberately took our time and drove slowly so that we could appreciate all of the beautiful trees that were beginning to bloom.  The buds were white and pink and rose colored.  It had just rained and the streets were covered in white blossoms.  It was as if we were driving through a magical fairyland.  Besides the beautiful colors what amazed me most was that these trees were just down the street from us.  I did not have to go far to have an amazing experience which will inspire me to create throughout the week.  It was right in front of me all of the time.

  I am going to continue to look for amazing experiences during the next week.  It will be fun to see what I experience and because of those experiences how I see my life differently.  Won't you join me this week in picking one amazing thing to do each day?  If you do decide to join me, I would love to know what happens.    

I would like to thank Sarah of A Cat-Like Curiosity for choosing me to be the featured linker of the week.  I was so surprised and excited to see my work on her blog this morning.  You can also read my April contribution to Creative Dream Journals today.  This journal is a collection of writings by dreamers and artists who offer encouragement and support to others who are following their creative path.

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  1. Wonderful post ~ you are one enlightened woman ~ Sacred in the ordinary is what I try to practice ~ Happy Day ^_^


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