Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude

Did you ever look at something you have painted and not know why you liked it but you do?  This is not something I would normally like but when I look at it I like it.  There are some things I might change but for now I am going to leave it alone.  It was the last piece we did in the class I am taking and it is different from the normal landscapes I love to do.  Maybe, that's why I like it - it is different. 

Each Friday I share what I am grateful for during the week.  This has been a sad week for all us especially the people in Boston.  So many lives have been changed forever.  I am grateful for all of the people who in the midst of the horror set such wonderful examples for us and our children by immediately stepping forward to help.  There are so many wonderful people in this world and for that I am very grateful. 

I am also grateful that I have met and have been able to work with incredibly talented people through my Special Moments In Time Creativity Coaching. What I like most about creative life coaching is that I meet wonderful people who may be going through a transitional time in their life, or who have an idea they want to explore, or a problem they would like to solve. Together we try to implement the many strategies that I have learned as a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach to make their life just a little brighter.

 So if you think this is something you might want to explore, let me know.  You can find out more about Special Moments in Time Creativity Coaching here.

                       Remember:  When you share your dreams with the world, magic happens!I am linking my post to Paint Party Friday.  I did not realize it but it has been over a year since I first started sharing my paintings with this awesome group of talented and supportive artists.  They have taught me so much in the past year and for that I am also very grateful!

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  1. I thought I had commented here already, but it seems not .... Love the light spring colours in this!


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