Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday's Walk - "What's Worked Before?"

Each Wednesday I like to share a creativity coaching tip that I use both for myself and with the wonderful people I get to coach.  It is usually a coaching strategy that I have used a lot in the previous week or that I have really thought about as I take my walk throughout the week.  "What's worked before?"  is a simple question that can open the door to a variety of answers.  Many times we know the answer to something we are struggling with but it is very normal to look outside for the answer rather than to look at what we have done in the past that has worked for us.  This simple question can help us solve problems in all areas of our lives. 

For example, if I am trying to lose weight, I know that by not buying the candy or the cookie mix in the grocery store it is much easier for me to eat healthy snacks.  It is really easy for me to forget this simple thing but if I am really honest with myself what has made a huge difference in my life is not having the junk food in the house.  So if I ask myself, "What's worked before to help you lose weight?" the answer would have to be don't have the junk food in the house. 

If I find myself not painting enough and I know I really miss it but somehow other things seem to be getting in the way, I can help solve the problem by asking myself, " What motivated or inspired me to paint before?" I would have to answer taking a class with a really supportive teacher and group of women.  Now that I have stopped comparing  my work to the work of others in the class, taking a class always motivates me to paint.  I always look forward to the class and seem to paint much more during the weeks that I am in a class.  So once more the simple question, "What worked before?"  helps me to solve a problem that I am facing in the present.

It is normal to face the same problem many times in our lives.  It is normal to forget what has worked for us in the past.  But when you ask the question, the answer usually comes.  Try it.  When you have a problem, ask yourself "What worked before?"  See if it helps.  I feel confident that you will find that it does.

As always it is fun for me to share what I think about on my walk.  If working with a creativity coach is something that you have thought about, I would love to talk to you. Just email me and we can set a time to talk about your plans and dreams!

                       Remember:  When you share your dreams with the world, magic happens! 

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  1. Your pansies look so pretty. I have some on my porch and they look pretty there as well. I love this time of year.


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