Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude

I have started a new series of pastel classes and I am learning so much and because of what I am learning I think I will be shopping very soon for some new supplies.  I have learned that with pastels the materials you use do make a difference and that if I get the right materials I will not have to work so hard to get the picture to look just right.  The problem is that I am not sure what just right means.  I think that is something that is very personal.  For me, just right usually revolves around a picture that evokes a memory.  It reminds me of a time, a place, a person, or an event.  The picture will usually have water in it somewhere and the colors will usually be soothng and peaceful.  I think for each of us "just right" means something different.  It will be interesting to see how my work changes as I get the materials that have been recommended.

As you know it is my practice to share what I am grateful for each week.  This week I am grateful for the power of hope.  As many of you know my husband has a progressive lung disease.  This has been a difficult winter but spring seems to be bringing with it lots of hope.  As with everything in life, this disease has its ups and downs.  Right now, we are on an upward swing and at this time there are lots of reasons for hope. What I have come to understand and celebrate as we go through this journey together is to never give up hope.  There is always a new day, a new direction, a new surprise for us to enjoy.  Tomorrow we go to learn more about becoming part of a research study.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if by participating in this study, we could not only learn something that could help us but many many more people as well?  So today I am grateful for the opportunities that await us and for the power of hope!

I would love to know what you are most grateful for experiencing this week.

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