Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday's Walk

This week's walk was along the Etowah River with a friend.  It was a beautiful cool morning and the walkway was filled with moms with babies in strollers, people walking their dogs, or walking alone with their thoughts. 

This park has just offically opened.  There are lots of swings and benches that overlook the river.  There is a walking trail and a bike trail.  There is a small boardwalk where you can fish. It is a small but beautiful place to visit. Once again, the vision of a few combined with the hard work of many, allows many people to enjoy the beauty of nature.  I am struck again and again by how important it is to have a vision, to begin to create it, as well as the importance of sharing not only your dream and your vision with others but also the results.

 Do you have a dream that you would like to see come true?  Do you have a vision that needs developing?  Find those supportive people who also love to dream and create wonderful things and share with them what you are doing.  Then watch as the magic begins to happen.  I would love to know about your dreams or what you are creating.

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