Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Quote and Reflection

I think this is the perfect quote to begin an week filled with summer sun.  As I walked the dogs this morning, everywhere I looked there were bright colors, beautiful flowers, and trees in bloom.  The sky was blue and the water on the small pond was calm.  It was still cool so you could enjoy being outside and I was inspired to paint later in the day.

No matter how busy you are this week I hope you will take just a minute or two for yourself to do something creative.  Creativity can be expressed in so many different ways.  It can be expressed in the way you dress, how you decorate your house or office.  It can be expressed in the poem you write, the song you sing, or the music you listen to.  The way you cook, write, or arrange your flowers are all ways that you express yourself and your creativity. The business you design and develop happens because you have combined both sides of your brain to create something that fills a need for both you and the people you work with and help.

 The world needs creative people.  It needs people who enjoy sharing their work with others.  It needs people who inspire and encourage others to create as they are inspired and encouraged by the work of the many talented people they meet each day.  So this week as you step out into the sunshine be sure to share all that you are creating with everyone you should happen to meet.  The world will be a brighter happier place if you do!

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  1. You are so right. I grew up thinking that my sister was the creative one, and it took a long time to realize that I was creative, too, in so many ways.

    I want my kids to understand that creativity is a way of living, and that we all are creative...


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