Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday's Quote and Reflection

                                 Clear your mind of can't.  Solon

Can't is definitely a word that stands in the way of making life exciting.  I believe that if you know who you are and acknowledge your talents anything is possible.  Self-knowledge and self-confidence combined with lots of hard work equals success in my opinion.  Life is full of wonderful opportunities.  Make sure that the word "can't"  doesn't stand in your way of grabbing each and every opportunity that comes your way this week.   


  1. Hi Ginny! It's true that "can't" can be limiting! It's often the thought of not being able to do something which holds us back... and sometimes we haven't even tried!
    Lovely lily shot in such an astonishing and soft colour.
    Thank you for your lovely thoughts on Reflections and Nature! Have a beautiful week.

  2. I am reminded by your post of the children's book The Little Engine That Could ~ thanks for the great message, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)


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