Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's Walk - Inspiration

When I am outside in nature I find that I am inspired by all of the things that surround me.  I love the colors, the lines, and the structure of the trees and flowers. I love the way things flow naturally.  I have come to realize that I value order and structure.  I like to know that night becomes day and that summer follows spring.  But I am also inspired by that crazy growth of wildflowers that just appear and cannot be held back no matter what you do. That kind of strength motivates me to look for that within myself.
No matter where I walk I can be inspired by something.  It can be the blue of the sky, the green of the grass or the feel of the sun on my face.  What inspires you?  Is it the quiet of the night or the busy sounds of the day?  Is it the calm of the lake or the wild rivers rushing down stream?  We are all inspired by different things.  The important thing is to find those things that we like and make us happy and then to make sure they are part of our life each and every day.

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