Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Walk

I am always reading books about creativity and how to be more creative.  A reoccuring theme in many of the things that I am reading  is the importance of taking care of yourself and how this helps you to express yourself creatively.  I've decided that I need to walk more and to walk  in beautiful places.  I love nature and to be surrounded by its beauty.  But, I find myself walking in the same places all of the time.  So to encourage myself to try to find new spots to walk I decided that, at least for a month, my post on Wednesday would be called Wednesday's Walk and I would share with everyone a new place that I walked that week.
This week's picture came from our neighborhood.  It's not a different place to walk but I did walk in a different direction.  Everytime I came to an intersection I turned in the direction that was opposite from what I normally do.  Not a terribly extreme adventure but I did see things from a different point of view. 
I am really hoping that I will begin to branch out more and more on my walks and have better and better pictures to share each week.  If you were going to take a Wednesday's Walk where would you go and what pictures would you take?

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