Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday's Quote and Reflection

       "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep."
                                                                                               Scott Adams

I think the above quote would be great for a discussion.  Some people think there are no mistakes.  They believe that we can learn from everything we do.  Others are paralzyed by just the thought of making a mistake. There are lots of mistakes in the above painting.  There was a time when I would have painted this picture, analzyed it for what I could do better next time, and then put it away.  Now, when I paint I am learning to look at what I have created with kind eyes.  The same type of eyes I use when looking at someone else's work.  I find the colors that I like, the stroke that is perfect, the one petal that is formed right.  I celebrate those parts of the painting. I hang the painting on the wall and look at it for several days.  I remember the experience of painting it and I celebrate the fun I now have when I  paint.  By recognizing that I will always make mistakes when I am trying something new and allowing myself the chance to grow as an artist, I have discovered the joy in painting.  And for me, that is what painting is all about - another way to find the joy in life.

When you share your dreams and talent with the world, magic happens!  Let the magic begin.


  1. I like the quote and your art!

  2. Lovely post and I see your art work getting better and better ~ Love this one today!~ Happy Day ^_^

    Thanks for 'visiting'.

  3. First of all what I'm enjoying in your picture is the color and the way you have organized the composition--beautiful and interesting. I like the reflection you shared and I believe it's not an either or situation; that is while I do believe there are mistakes and flaws and areas for improvement, it's not negative to see these things in our (or others) artwork and we can simultaneously observe and celebrate the strength and beauty in the same piece.

  4. love your art today and I love the quotes!!!! wishing you a wonderful day!!!

  5. How lovely that you've reached the place where you can look at the positive rather than the negative. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. I love the picture, especially the way you have off-set the flower.


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