Thursday, May 30, 2013

My goal for the month was to paint a picture every day of the sky and clouds.  I didn't paint every day but I did paint  20 out of the 31 days so I feel good about what I accomplished. This week I hung many of my paintings across a wall in my studio.   I have always felt that my paintings all looked the same.  But when I saw them hanging together I realized that althought the theme was often the same the paintings were different.  The sky might have been a morning sky or it might reflect a very sunny day or that a storm was coming up.  There is usually water in my paintings but it might be the ocean, or a river, or the lake. Hanging them up  together was a great way to step back and evaluate what I am doing and learning.  I realize that most of you already know what I am just learning but it always fun to share something new (at least new to me) with others

It was fun to challenge myself in this way.  I am not sure what I will do for the month of June but I think this is a good way to keep growing and learning while really enjoying myself.

My post would not feel complete without a few words about what I am grateful for this week.  As we begin this summer, my husband is feeling so much better than he was a year ago.  It is wonderful to be able to see him really enjoy what he is doing each day.  We have learned never to take anything for granted and for that I am very grateful.  
Remember :  When you share your gifts and talents with the world, magic happens. 
                     Let the magic begin!
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  1. 20 is pretty remarkable! they are so peaceful and serene and I love how you have them hung with the clips!


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