Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday's Quote and Reflection

"When I say artist I mean the one who is building things...some with a brush - some with a shovel - some choose a pen."
                                                                                                                                          Jackson Pollock

When I meet people for the first time they often ask me what I do.  When I say creativity coach they do not completely understand what that means which then leads to a discussion about creativity which then leads to them saying," Oh well, I am not creative like my sister or best friend, etc."   This leads to an interesting conversation about all of the things they experience and do each day that are creative.  Sometimes I can see a glimmer of excitement in their eyes as they leave with a new found understanding that they too are creative and other times I see that the belief that they are not creative goes deep and will take awhile to change.

I have always wanted people to understand how creative they are.  I believe when we see ourselves as creative it opens up a whole new world that is just waiting to be explored.  We are more willing to try new things, to ask ourselves "what if?" and then take the step to see what will happen if we paint the room purple rather than white, move the furniture in a way that the decorators would laugh at, or plant the flowers that everyone said would never grow.  Each time we try something new and it works, our confidence grows.  Each time we try something new and we fail, we learn something.  We can't lose because we are always going to learn and grow.

Today's quote has inspired me to remember that I am an artist because I build things.  I have built a home filled with love, friendships that have lasted a lifetime, a career that is constantly changing, and a marriage that has lasted 46 years and is still going.  I am beginning to build confidence in my art and my writing.  It is often hard to share our accomplishments but it is very important to remember who we are and what we have done.  Take a minute today to remember what you have built!
When you share your talents and dreams with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin!


  1. Lovely piece, it looks rainy there.

  2. I love the painting, so soft and delicate. Great quote too, I agree with you that creativity is found in so many places... I'm glad you encourage people's creativity.


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