Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 Ps and a S

Each Friday I share what I am grateful for.  Today I am grateful for some thoughts I had the other night while sleeping.  It helped clarify some important concepts for me and clarity is always something to be grateful for.

The other morning I woke up with the words passion, positivity, and persistance on my mind.  I quickly wrote them down determined to figure out what I had been thinking about as I slept.  At breakfast I told my husband that I must have been thinking about what I believe you must have to be successful in any project.   With this in mind, I decided to add two more P words practice and patience as well as S for support to my recipe for success.  When I look at the things that I have accomplished in my life they all have these attributes as part of the recipe.  They may be there in different amounts or at different times but they have all been there.  I have had to have passion to start and to keep me going.  I've been persistent and didn't take no for an answer. I've practiced and then practiced some more. I've remembered to be positive even when I felt down. I have always tried to be patient (not easy) and wait for things to turn out as the should. And none of the above would have been possible without the support of others.  When I learned to ski at 50 they were there, when I decided to lose a large amount of weight they were there, when I started painting or began a second career they were there, and now that I am slowly, very slowly, learning to drive a motorcycle they are definitely there. 

When I get discouraged, as we all do from time to time, I am going to see which P or S is missing that day. As I begin to work on a new subject to paint, or class to teach, I am going to be sure that the 5 Ps and a S are there to keep me going.  When I look at the painting above I know that for me the ingredients for creating something that I like have all been a part of the experience. I know it will be helpful to have the words Passion, Persistence, Practice, Positivity, Patience, and Support as guides whenever I am working on something new and/or challenging.  How about you?  Would the 5 Ps and a S help you reach your goal?  Would they help you to evaluate what might be missing in the project you are working on? Feel free to use them or share what your guideposts might be. 

As a creativity coach I am always trying to find ways to help clients evaluate where they are with their own projects and dreams.  It is one of my passions.  Are you ready to start something new?  Let's talk and make sure that you have all of your Ps and the very important  S in place ready to go. You can contact me here.  I'd love to talk to you.

   Remember  When you share your dreams and talents with the world, magic happens Let the magic begin!

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  1. Very interesting post and I have to agree with everything you're saying. Thnx for sharing!


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