Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday's Quote and Reflection

Last week I took a short break from blogging.  It was an unintended break but a break just the same.  Today I realized I missed blogging.  So I am back and excited about writing again.  Sometimes just a short break from something, even when we love doing it, is just what we need to get the creative energy flowing again.

Last week I decided to also take a short break from pastels.  I thought I would try creating a zentangle.  I read a little bit about them and thought that they were made for me.   I was a great doodler in high school and still love to draw.  In the short amount of reading that I did, it said the purpose of the drawing was to relax you, thus the name Zentangle.  I enjoyed working on this tiny piece of art but soon realized that I was taking my zentangle just as seriously as I did my pastels.  Since I am studying to be a creative coach with Jill Badonsky, I decided it might be just the right time to put into practice what I am learning.  I stopped trying to make my zentangle perfect, took a deep breath, and enjoyed the time I spent creating.  If you too have even a little bit of perfectionist in you, and who doesn't, maybe Jill's quote above will help you too.  I hope everyone has a great week filled with special moments and creative endeavors.  Talk to you again on Wednesday.

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  1. I took a workshop on Zendoodling, and I loved it. It looks extremely complicated but if you do it step by step, it's easier than it looks. I like what you did.


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