Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday's Walk

Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler's Studios posted this on Facebook today.  I thought it was such a great reminder that I wanted to share it with everyone.

         Osho Zen Card - Success - Enjoy every drop of happiness and take the future as it comes 
                                     without regret. 

As I go through life I realize that every day comes with great challenges which turn into great opportunities all of which can lead to great success.  It is the small steps that we take that lead us to interesting adventures and exciting journeys.  The important thing for me is to actually notice the difference that each small step makes in my life.

Several years ago I began taking yoga.  I was by far the oldest in the class, the least flexible, and the most self-conscious.  But with a wonderful and caring teacher and lots of practice and dedication, I now feel that I can truly call myself a yogi.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of working with two women who are new to yoga and together we had a wonderful session.  It is amazing what opportunities for growth life offers us if we are open to new ideas. Yesterday was really exciting for me and I hope for the others. 

With a lot of hard work came success.  At the end of the session, I truly enjoyed a great feeling of happiness that I will call upon the next time I need to do something new and challenging.  As you go through each day, take the time to notice the small challenges and accompanying successes that you are experiencing.  And then take a deep breath and experience the happiness that accompanies the moment!  It feels great!

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  1. A wonderful post, thankyou for sharing this. ♥
    Jess xx


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