Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude

I  think that life is about to get back to normal or at least a new normal for us. Which means that I am going to get back to blogging more.  When things were so hectic with doctor's visits, new equipment, and new medicines to be decided upon the words just didn't seem to flow.  So I took a short break from blogging.  Now that life has begun again, I realize how much I have missed blogging regularly. It is an important part of my life and a practice that I am really glad that I started. 

This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny.  A perfect weekend for watching soccer games and planting flowers.  A perfect weekend to sit on the porch and read.  A perfect weekend to paint or write or sketch.  It would be a perfect weekend to have a picnic in a field of flowers - I'm just not sure where there is one except for in my imagination right now. But no matter we decide to do, I know we will have fun.  It's too important not to.

Each Friday I reflect upon what I am most grateful for experiencing during the  week.  This week it's all the "normal" things I sometimes take for granted.  A perfect cup of coffee, singing happy birthday to my grandson,  getting great advice from my son,  getting back to yoga, buying new pastels, laughing with my husband, talking about art with a friend.  These are the things that make my life special everyday but especially this week. 

Is there something that has made you smile this week?  Is there something that you are especially grateful for?    

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  1. Good to see you back Ginny and love your pretty painting. Your Friday reflections are everything which makes life grand. Annette x


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