Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Walk - Where Does Time Go?


Where does time go?  That is a question I used to ask myself.  And lots of time I didn't have the answer.   But as I become more and more aware of what is important to me, I am able to answer that question and I am usually happy with the answer.  As part of my worshop, All About You, we spend time looking at our day and how we spend time.  It is an easy exercise but one that has opened the eyes of many participants to something they already knew but had not acknowledged.  They were spending lots of time on things they did not really want to do.  When they became aware of what they were doing, what they wanted to change, and then began to take small, very tiny steps to making simple changes in their day, time became their friend not their enemy.  If you would like to take a quick peek at your day, here's some easy steps you can follow:

 List all of the categories for all of the areas of your life that are important to you. Then draw two circles which are divided into 24 segments.  On the first circle color in how many hours you are sleeping, working, commuting, excercising, talking with friends, creating, reading, etc.  Each category should be a different color on the clock -  red for work, blue for exercise, etc.  For example, if you work 8 hours, then 8 segments should be colored red.

As you look at clock number one, ask yourself,  Am I spending my time the way I want to be spending it?  Are there changes I can make in my day?  What very very small changes can I make?  Then color in clock number two to represent those changes. Then actually start to implement the change you have decided to make.  Don't make a lot of changes.  Start slowly and enjoy your successes.

 Each week take just a minute to look at your clocks.  Do you need to change the categories?  Do you need to adjust your time?  Again, make small changes and be aware of how they feel and the difference each change makes in your life.  Awareness is ongoing.  Sometimes a change works for us, sometimes it does not.  Take time to reflect on the changes you make.

Life does not stand still.  How we want or need to spend our time changes.  How we actually spend our time should represent those changes.  Some of your categories may have to stay the same.  But others can change and it is in your power to change them if (1) you are aware of what you are doing each day, and (2) you begin taking very small steps each week towards changing how you spend your time and thus creating the life you really want to live.  I would love to know how you are spending your time this week!

PS:  Some people created different clocks to represent the weekend.  This is a simple exercise that can make a big difference in your awareness of how you spend your time.  Awareness is definitely an important step to creating and living the life of your dreams. 

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