Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude


It's almost Friday which means it is almost time to celebrate with my friends at Paint Party Friday.  When I was working, Friday meant it was time for the weekend which was always something to look forward to.  Now every day can be as special as the weekend used to be and that is something I don't take for granted.  Last week I painted a similar painting using acrylics.  I liked it but I wanted to see what I could do with pastels.  This painting definitely has a different look and a different feel to it.  I think for next week I will use my watercolor pencils and see what I can create.  Then I will post all three and compare the differences. 

Friday is also the day that I share some of the things that I am grateful for experiencing during the week.  This week has been rainy and dreary. The weather has been cold and damp but today the weatherman announced a chance of snow.  That is all that it takes where we live for everyone to get excited.  The stores are full of people making sure they have enough bread and milk.  The kids (and the teachers) are running to the windows and listening to the news to see if there will a snow day.  There is just a difference in the way people look and act.  Most of the time everyone is disappointed and it doesn't snow.  But when it does snow it is exciting.  So this week I am glad that there is even a chance of snow. It's been fun waiting and watching and hoping for that first snowflake.  Fingers crossed, nose glued to the window, I am sure it will be here soon!

I would love to know what you are most grateful for this week.

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