Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking Pictures In A New Light

I am taking a great online photography class from Kat Sloma called Finding Your Eye The Journey of Recognition.  This week we were to take pictures using light that we do not normally use.  Since I almost always take pictures during the day I decided to take some night shots.  My husband and I went out Saturday night and took pictures in the rain.  I love lights and I liked how the colors bounced off of the road in the rain in this picture.  This was a great experience for me!  I want to continue to grow as a creative person and Kat's classes definitely encourage me to do just that.


  1. These lights make for an interesting photo.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting Lucy.

  3. It's seems that I have some catching up to do visiting your blog to comment on Kat's classes.
    Night shots are quite a surprise, aren't they? A whole new world opens to us and familiar places take on an unfamiliar look!
    When I enlarge your photo, I see lots of tiny little luminous dots in the sky that look like stars, quite amazing! I also like the elongated coloured reflections on the surface of the road!


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