Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday's Special Moment of Gratitude - 46 Years But Who's Counting

Each Friday I join the artists at Paint Party Friday to share what I have created that week.  It has become something that I really look forward to.  This week's pastel is painted on velvet.  I ordered a sample packet of pastel paper which turned out to be really interesting.  I found that I like working on colored paper better than white and that I probably won't be using velvet very often.  I like soft dreamy colors and when working on velvet the colors are much more intense.  It was definitely interesting to experience all the different effects I got just by changing the paper that I use.

Each Friday I also share what I am most grateful for that week.  Some weeks it is a simple but perfect cup of coffee, other weeks it is something little more special and once in awhile it is a very special event or celebration.  This was one of those weeks.  On Tuesday my husband and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.  I am not really sure how that happened because we both feel like its just been a few years since we walked down the aisle in Orange, New Jersey.  The past 46 years have been filled with lots of wonderful memories. They have been filled with every emotion a person can experience, with highs, with lows,and everything in between.  We were married in the days when people didn't write their own vows, when almost everyone said,"in sickness and health through good times and bad."  Whoever wrote those vows that we all said knew what they were talking about. I think the thing I am most grateful for this week is not only the wonderful memories we have but the things we still have to look forward to.  For example, my husband wants to teach me how to drive his motorcycle. I am not the most coordinated person but he was able to teach me to snow ski at 50 and snorkle a little later than that.  No luck with scuba diving but I am willing to try to drive the motorcycle.  The only reason I share this with you today is to remind everyone that it is never too late to try something new especially if you trust the person who is teaching you. So if you happen to see someone who looks like she would answer to the name Nana on a bright yellow Honda driving down the road, don't forget to wave.  It just might be me.

Remember:  When you share your dreams and talents with the world, magic happens.  Let the magic begin today!

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