Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo-Heart Connection - Quiet

I have taken several of Kat Sloma's online photography classes.  Now I am hoping to participate in her monthly photo-heart connection which she hosts the first week of each month.  When I was looking for a picture that I truly connected to this month I kept coming back to the above picture.  I'd look at it and then think there has got to be a picture that I took that I connect to more than this but I came back to it again and again so this must be it.  I realize when I look at it I get a sense of calm and peacefulness which is something I am craving right now.  For the next sixty days, my backyard will be filled with construction workers, my dogs will be barking, and my house will not be the quiet oasis I like it to be.  My home usually is my sanctuary but when that is not the case such as now, I can always find  a peaceful feeling by looking at water.  This picture was taken at the lake which is close to our house.  Nothing in our part of the world has been particulary pretty this month but this picture offers me the simple quiet reflective feeling that I am craving so I take it out and look at it quite frequently.  That is why I offer it as my photo-heart connection this month!

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  1. Yes Ginny, I get a sense of peace and calm looking at this photo too! Beautiful!!! Deb


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